A Work in Progress

Madonna and Lady Gaga are standing in line.

Madonna says, slut.

Lady Gaga says, takes one to know one.

Madonna says, famewhore.

Lady Gaga says, I’m rubber, you’re glue.

Madonna says, I’ll have a meatball sub.

The cashier says, That will be $8.62, for here or to go.

Madonna and Lady Gaga kiss passionately.

The universe, not knowing what else to do, creates Miley Cyrus.

Other couples, creations, and sandwiches I am considering substituting in to the final draft before publication: Dorothy Parker and Che Guevara, PB&J, a hoagie unless that is a generic term for a sandwich instead of a specific sandwich, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, your Momma, Hannah Montana, Lucy Lawless and a sentient toaster whose bagel setting doesn’t work, Buzz & Woody.

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